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The In-Your-Face Cover of Upcoming Indie Version of novel MONOGAMY SUCKS


During a recent long beach walk, I had a vision for the cover of the new upcoming indie version of my novel MONOGAMY SUCKS. Not unlike a beach walk in the late 1990s when I first imagined my novel. I wanted an in-your-face cover that emphasized my provocative title most of all as it was this aspect of my book that the media and my readers responded to initially during my first novel launch in 2010.

You can see my new cover above.

I was seeking a book cover that was simple and powerful and that reflected the title as a manifesto from my novel’s protagonist Jake Dalmas. There is no denying that this book challenges the reader’s attitudes about monogamy, sex, swinging…from the moment they see the cover.

I was inspired by the powerful simplicity of the covers for novels such as Philip Roth’s PORTNOY’S COMPLAINT, Nabokov’s LOLITA and Cormack McCarthy’s THE ROAD, among many others.

I avoided any fancy clip art or naked provocative images like my former publisher’s cover version of my initial novel. That didn’t seem to fit the dark and funny aspects of my novel. My book is a realistic, challenging, sexy, funny journey for readers. The title is the first hint you are in for something out of the ordinary and it is not your typical boring erotica novel.

Many thanks to book cover artist Dancinee Jennings who worked with me to put together this cover. She was recommended to me by fellow author Scarlett Hartgrove as Dancinee had created the cover for her debut novel At That Moment (The Eyes of March) (Volume 1).

The new version of my novel MONOGAMY SUCKS will be launched in the next month or so on Smashwords and Amazon. I can’t wait to share it with your dear readers. Enjoy the cover for now.

Won’t be long now. Stay tuned as always.








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