2015: An Interesting year of revival for my writing dreams

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Forget your dreams at your soul’s peril…

This is from a poem I have written and posted on Twitter often. It really struck home for me this past year.

2015 proved a revelatory year in my writing life in more ways than I can describe. It was as significant to my evolution as a novelist as 2010 and 2011 had been when I finally launched my novels MONOGAMY SUCKS, DEAR HEF and published a cool short story as part of the INDULGENCE anthology.


Earlier this year, I realized that I could no longer put off my writing dreams and edited and finalized my sequel to novel MONOGAMY SUCKS, entitled RELATIONSHIPS SUCK, to send to my publisher Blushing Books, which has purchased my previous publisher Lazy Day Publishing.

I felt like someone who had awoken from a long three-year slumber.  During that time, I had successfully re-established my public relations career, which consumed most or all of my focus. Still, I never forgot my love of writing and my novels, but I foolishly put it aside for a while.

For someone as ambitious as myself, who has 20-25 novel ideas I want to pursue in the coming years, that seemed a ridiculous and scared notion all of a sudden.

At the same time, I decided that my future books after the MONOGAMY SUCKS sequel were going to be self-published. I craved complete control over my writing vision and content. No more publishers.

Self-publishing has changed a lot since I put out  my first novel LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE with iUniverse. You can produce quality work via many new publishing platforms now. Going indie in the book world is not looked down upon as much as it was 15 years ago.


Fortunately, Blushing Books made it easy for me as they rejected RELATIONSHIPS SUCK and gave me back the publishing rights to my novels MONOGAMY SUCKS and DEAR HEF. They kept the rights to my short story as part of the INDULGENCE anthology, “Swinging with the Supernatural,” as they are planning to re-release the collection in the next year or so.

Admittedly, it was somewhat of a shock when Blushing Books took down MONOGAMY SUCKS and DEAR HEF off Amazon a couple of days after giving me back the rights. All those years of building up reviews and support for those books were now gone overnight.  It was a sad feeling initially to think that the version of MONOGAMY SUCKS that I launched five years ago with Lazy Day Publishing after they reached out to me on my blog, was history.

However, you haven’t heard the last from me, dear reader.

I’m determined to release a new version of the novel MONOGAMY SUCKS that is closer to my original draft in the next year. I am quite enjoying putting back in all the background and scenes that my publisher had edited out. I feel as liberated as I ever have as a writer.

After the re-release of MONOGAMY SUCKS, I will also launch the sequel RELATIONSHIPS SUCK in early 2017. I happy with how it came out and I can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, you can still check out my writing in the INDULGENCE anthology, novel LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE and follow me on Twitter — @gpwriter — where I share my poetry and thoughts about writing and life.

I will be back as an author in 2016, challenging the status quo of our romantic lives with my wicked humor and naughty prose, but this time on my own terms.

Life can be tough enough, but putting off your dreams, as I learned again this year, can be a form of early death.

Howl to the heavens with your words. Dream big. What do you have to lose?

Happy New Year from a writer renewed….











The origins behind my story featured in the INDULGENCE Anthology, “Swinging with the Supernatural”

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As you read in my previous post, my writing life has taken an intriguing turn of late into the independent world. No more publishers for me as I prepare a new version of my novel MONOGAMY SUCKS and its sequel RELATIONSHIPS SUCK for publication in the next year.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy my work as part of the paranormal erotica anthology INDULGENCE: Tales of the Cirque Romani, and you can check out my first novel LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE on Amazon.

In this post, I wanted to focus on the origins and inspiration for my short story in INDULGENCE. In a later post, I will explore the story behind LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE.

What happens when a swinger, a lady sword swallower & a lady midget sword swallower meet?

This intriguing premise and scenario are explored in my story  “Swinging with the Supernatural” featured in the anthology INDULGENCE: Tales of the Cirque Romani, which is available on Amazon.

The anthology features 10 former Lazy Day Publishing authors weaving sexy tales about a fictional carnival troupe called the Cirque Romani. Blushing Books, which bought Lazy Day Publishing, has plans to re-release the anthology sometime in the next year or so.

This story was a departure for me as I’ve never previously written in the genre of paranormal erotica.  I really enjoyed it as it reminded me of the Science Fiction and Fantasy stories I used to write when I was younger.

My tale focuses on swinger Willy Roamer’s unusual and sexy trip to the carnival to watch a performance of the traveling troupe, the Cirque Romani. During his adventure, Willy meets a lady sword swallower and a lady midget sword swallower and discovers some supernatural secrets possessed by the troupe.

It’s a very sexy, but yet different kind of story written in the same frank, explicit and humorous manner as my past novels Monogamy Sucks and Dear Hef. I wanted to combine my brand of real life erotic fiction with a supernatural story, including vampires and shape shifters. I added some new interesting wrinkles to these familiar mythic creatures, too.  It was great to have the opportunity to stretch myself as a writer.

Indulgence: The Tales of the Cirque Romani  also features the work of authors Alta Hensley (Master of Ceremonies), J.M. Kelley (Laws of Attraction), Amy le Blanc (Til the Day Makes Us), Ty Langston (Coming Home), A ‘Jeeper’Wade (Tiger Tamer), Liz Borino (Jesse), Rae Spencer (Cigany Flame), Ava Riley (The Beast Within) and Elizabeth Thorne (Bound by Silk).

I have read the entire anthology and I’m very taken with all of the stories. The authors all delivered sexy paranormal stories that intrigue readers, and I highly recommend this collection.

I will also keep you posted on this blog about the status of Blushing Book’s re-release of this fine anthology.



Coming Full Circle in my Author’s Journey: Re-exploring the Promise of Self-Publishing

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I am feeling quite liberated these days as an author. This past week I received some interesting and promising news.

Blushing Books (that now owns my previous publisher Lazy Day Publishing) took a pass at publishing my sequel to my novel MONOGAMY SUCKS, which I have entitled RELATIONSHIPS SUCK. Now that should seem like it would be crushing news, but it wasn’t. Even better yet, Blushing Books gave me back the rights to my novels MONOGAMY SUCKS and DEAR HEF. Please note that the books have been removed from Amazon and are no longer available for sale.

This has proved a fortuitous turn of events as I was already planning to return to self-publishing with my next book following the launch of RELATIONSHIPS SUCK. It will be a science fiction novella based on a short story I had written when I was 18. More on that later.

Honestly, Blushing Books’ reason for returning to the rights my novels makes sense as my books don’t exactly appeal to their romance/BDSM audience. They kept the rights to the short story I contributed to the INDULGENCE anthology titled, “Swinging with the Supernatural” as it does include some erotic BDSM elements. You should be pick up this anthology, and not only for my funny and sexy story.  By the way, Blushing Books is also planning to re-release INDULGENCE in the next year. I will keep you posted about the release date.

I feel as if I have come full circle as an author as I self-published my first novel LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE via iUniverse in 2001. Self-publishing has a come a long way since then, and I no longer see the benefits of having a publisher. I am looking forward to being in complete control of all aspects of my writing from content and editing to cover and promotion.

So I plan to bring out a new revised version of MONOGAMY SUCKS in late 2016 incorporating more background and detail about Jake and the swinger world that he explores, which was edited out of the final copy of the novel. Shortly after the re-release of MONOGAMY SUCKS, I will self-publish my sequel, RELATIONSHIPS SUCK. I believe it as funny as the first novel and may be even sexier as it explores the ups and downs of an open relationship.

I have no immediate plans to re-release DEAR HEF, but that could always change. I am generally happy with how the novel came out, but it never caught fire with readers as MONOGAMY SUCKS has.  Still, I would like to see it back out there again, but this time on my terms.

You don’t get many do-overs in life, but I feel grateful for having the opportunity to relaunch MONOGAMY SUCKS with a new and expanded version that still retains the frank humor and eroticism that my readers embraced.

No more publishers for me. I only want to put novels out that truly represent my vision as an author. I am intrigued to embark once again on an adventure into the brave new world of self-publishing. Stay tuned.


Jake Dalmas’ Swinger Tales will Return in Monogamy Sucks Sequel in 2016

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This weekend I finally sent my sequel to my novel MONOGAMY SUCKS to my publisher Blushing Books (formerly Lazy Day Publishing) for consideration. They have 90 days to accept it or I will find other means to share my work. I will keep you posted on their response.

This has given me such a feeling of joy and relief and comes a little over five years after my original novel was published by Lazy Day (following 12 years of sitting on my work out of fear.)

I am very modest about my work, but I have to say I am very proud of my sequel to MONOGAMY SUCKS. In case you are wondering, I am going to hold off revealing the title of my work for now.  Please be patient. I will reveal it soon enough through social media, and other media sources.

My sequel features the same dark humor and raw eroticism that characterized my original book while effectively moving forward my protagonist Jake Dalmas’ journey. Written in the same diary format from Jake’s perspective, my book tackles the ups and downs of open relationships in a frank but provocative way so that anyone who has been involved in a romantic relationship can relate. Jake’s wry, pointed sense of humor is full evidence in the sequel as he takes aim at the limitations of relationships much as he did with the topic of monogamy.

I believe the next chapter in Jake Dalmas’ literary adventures is even naughtier and sexier than the first book. Jake’s beautiful, sexy girlfriend Juliette returns for more sexy fun, as does some other more nefarious, ridiculous characters from the first novel. I have also introduced some new characters, including a sexy African American character named Simone. Juliette met Simone, who is an art gallery manager, during one of her art show exhibits in New York.  Juliette later introduces Simone to Jake and they explore a naughty “Intercolor” threesome in one of the book’s sexiest chapters. I must confess it is some of hottest erotic scenes I have ever written.

I can promise dear reader you will not be disappointed with Jake’s continuing swinger tales. For those that already enjoyed Jake’s honest, humorous diary and naughty ways in the first book, you will love this one as well. For those who are unfamiliar with Jake’s story, please pick up a copy of MONOGAMY SUCKS on Amazon Kindle and find out what you are missing before Jake returns to shake up erotica, relationship, and the literary worlds.

Stay tuned for Jake’s return in 2016. I can’t wait to share it with you.









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This is an interesting past post about why I write real-life erotica. Think it deserves a second look.


Monogamy Sucks

This post is also featured today on my publisher Lazy Day Publishing’s Web site.

I thought I’d also share it on my blog.



Now, this may sound like heresy coming from a so-called erotica author —

But I have no desire or interest in writing conventional erotica based on the typical and well worn fantasy elements.

What I write in my latest novel Monogamy Sucks and also in my upcoming novel about online sex entitled Dear Hef released on Sept. 14 as an e-book,  is what I like to call real life erotic or reality fiction. Keeping it real was my mantra during the creation of my two novels.

It was my intention with my raw fictional diary of Jake Dalmas, the protagonist of Monogamy Sucks, was to depict sex, and particularly the swinging lifestyle, as it truly is — not as we fantasize it to be.

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Monogamy Sucks the sequel is coming together….it will be ready in a couple of years LOL

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It has been an interesting year…I left one horrible job…that was killing me with a brutal drive and ridiculous work….for another that is doing it with constant work.

However, I have continued to pursue my writing dreams. I am close to finishing my second draft of the sequel to my novel MONOGAMY SUCKS.  I am hoping to get it out after a few more drafts. It is very sexy and funny.

I will never give up my writing dreams until I leave this life. But even then…I expect to be writing in the after life.

Your dreams are yr life….never give them up no matter what anyone says.

They can fuck off if they don’t understand.

Writers write.

Dreamers dream.

Liars lie and die slowly inside….

Keep writing always.


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2013 in review

December 31, 2013 Leave a comment

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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